How to Ask for a Link

Placing a link on a page is a cinch; all you need is a simple line of computer code. The challenge of linking is the personal aspect. If you want someone to link from their site to yours, it’s not usually enough to say, “Link to my site.” Even asking nicely doesn’t always work. You must give them a reason to link, and the best reason to offer is that a link to your site would add value to theirs–which is why it’s a good idea to have a links page of your own or offer links throughout your site.

Sometimes offering a link to someone on your page motivates them to reciprocate. But don’t link just for the sake of linking. Crowding your pages with unhelpful links or long lists of links will dilute your own message and become too unwieldy for visitors to wade through.

Everyone benefits from being in a network of businesses cooperatively linked to each other. Linking related Web sites opens new doors for everyone, because the more you appear on other sites via links, the more exposure you gain. And the more links to you, the more potential clients will visit your site.

Make your linking strategy part of your online marketing plan. Do a little each day, finding and bookmarking appropriate Web sites, then sending your personalized (yet generic) introductory message to them. Soon enough, people will be seeing your name all over the web.