What Your Prospects Want from Your Web Site

Some of your prospects are visually oriented, and some are not. Some are Web savvy, and some are not. Some know what they’re talking about when they use Internet jargon, and some haven’t a clue. And yet, every one of them has an opinion and a perspective that matters. Here’s what your clients are looking for when they visit your Web site:

• Lots of design work. When your prospects are in their moment of need, they want to see as much work as possible. And they want to see the quality of your work before they decide to invest the time to make contact.
• Creativity. Though it’s very subjective, clients want creativity from the creative professionals they hire. Anything different or unusual—not boring or “industrial”—will make them stop and take notice.
• Strategy. Creativity alone isn’t enough. Prospects also want to see your marketing savvy. Use your Web site to show how your work will help them build their business.
• Good information architecture. Your prospects don’t have time to figure out your Web site, so make it easy to navigate and understand.