Marketing Monday: 4 Projects To Build Your Business

If you’re not on vacation, August can feel like the slowest time of year (unless it’s your busiest time, that is).

Logically, a slow month should be the most productive — you have time to really focus and check things off your list, right? But it doesn’t always end up that way. The empty calendar somehow breeds lethargy and it’s hard to get anything done at all!

Unless you have a plan! So here’s the skeleton of a plan for you: 4 marketing projects you can work on this month — one project for each week — and a few tools to help you get them done.

  1. Plan your Fall 2011 Marketing. It’s time to clean up your mailing list and choose your best marketing tools. (Use Marketing Mentor Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar as a blueprint.)
  2. Devise your content strategy. Check out my 3-step process here (which is expanded in the free ebook from PhotoShelter, Freelancer’s Online Marketing Blueprint.)
  3. Draft email newsletters for the rest of the year. You know it’s important to stay in touch via email, right? So write one for each month — that’s 4 issues. Make ’em short and sweet. (See some examples and guidelines in my recent webcast, Email and More: How to Attract Clients with Easy and Effective E-marketing.)
  4. Revamp your web site. It’s been on your To Do list forever. Now is the perfect time to turn your site into the lead-generating tool it should be. (Two tools will help: Create the content with Web site in a Week after you read, “A Web Site That Works,” the new book by Mark O’Brien of Newfangled.

I don’t mean choose 1 of these 4. Why not tackle all 4 — one each week? That way, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running as soon as everyone’s back from vacation and ready to focus again.

What are your marketing projects for August?

3 thoughts on “Marketing Monday: 4 Projects To Build Your Business

  1. Liesl W

    You’ve hit the nail on the head–these ARE my marketing projects for August! Thanks also for the links to your tools; it’s helpful to have everything in one place to get started.

  2. Susan Bodiker

    Allen Murabayashi (PhotoShelter) and Mark O’Brien (A website that works) are geniuses. I cannot praise them enough. They inspire, they instruct, they help you get the job done.