Marketing Monday again…

Ilise BenunLast Marketing Monday, I boldly claimed that, for your marketing purposes, 2011 has already started.

That was the day I gave the free webcast, Start NOW: Your 2011 Marketing Plan, with my “surprise” guest, Dyana Valentine.

In the webcast, I outlined a simple marketing plan that, if you follow it, will take the overwhelm out of your marketing and keep your pipeline full — but only if you follow it.

Then, Dyana and I answered listeners’ questions for a full 45 minutes. Here are some of the questions we tackled:

  • Which two marketing tools will bring the best clients?
  • How do you become the “go-to-guy/gal” for a target market?
  • How often should I be networking?
  • What should I do if I’m shy and don’t feel comfortable networking?
  • What if my target market isn’t local?
  • What’s the difference between a horizontal and vertical market?

If you missed the free webcast, just send a message to and we’ll send you the link.

And if you are ready to dive in and start the marketing, check out the Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan + Calendars, in 2 versions:

1. The Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar, a194-page spiral bound printed journal that explains all the steps in the year-long process PLUS the eCalendar that syncs with your iCal, Google or Outlook.

2. The 2011 Marketing Mentor eCalendar, importable file that syncs with your iCal, Google Calendar and Outlook with the tasks for you to schedule into your day/week/month and a place to keep your notes electronically, plus short how-to instructions.