Marketing Monday — February 28, 2011

Are you excited about your target market?

Now that most of my clients have chosen target markets, things are starting to happen. Some of them are thrilled to have finally found a market that is responding positively. Others are still struggling, especially because they just aren’t “excited” about their target market. What to do?

I spoke recently with Dianne Rohkohl, CFC veteran and freelance designer in Arizona, who is struggling with her focus on the healthcare market. She allowed me to record our discussion and share it with you.

Listen here (14 minutes). The interview addresses these questions:

  • What if you’d rather eat paste than read the blogs within your target market?
  • If you’re not that excited about your current market, is that a reason to change?
  • Should you be passionate about everything you do?
  • How can you fully use your creativity and talents in a market that isn’t exciting?

Your thoughts?

And, in the spirit of Marketing Monday, tell us what you’re doing today — to keep yourself on track and trigger ideas for others.