Marketing Monday: Jan 31, 2011

Last week on Marketing Monday, a few of you posted about what you were doing to market your services. And I thought, if more people did that each week, we’d eventually have a great resource to trigger ideas for those who aren’t sure what to do or where to start.

So today let’s build on last week by adding in the comments what you’re doing. And if you posted last week, we’d love to hear how it went and if you have any results. Let us help you keep track of your marketing so it doesn’t veer off track.

I’ll go first…today I’m writing blurbs for the next Creative Freelancer Webcast series (save the dates: Feb 17, Mar 17 and April 21).

And, of course , promoting my new book. Check out the 37-second video I shot featuring my first advance copy and my cat, Lulu (that’s just her stage name.)

And you can buy it here.

9 thoughts on “Marketing Monday: Jan 31, 2011

  1. Pamela Saxon

    Well Ilise, I can tell you one thing I will be doing one week from now on Marketing Monday, and that is… reading your new book! I just ordered it, and cannot wait!

    For today, I will be making my first contact with some new prospects within my target market; since they all work within exactly the same market and I have never spoken with any of them, I will use my “preformatted” email inquiry letter and then follow up with a phone call in a few days. I have been waiting to contact these folks until we finished our latest theatre rebranding and website project, which I will be using as a sample to promote our web design service for live theatre.

  2. heather parlato

    to be honest, today i was debating about taking a sick day, because i am actually sick, but then i wrote out this list of “easy” things to do, so i’ll do them until i need a nap.

    1. write my weekly blog post for LAist [a food-themed post] and see what i can get together to start my design-related post [i want to start a weekly round-up of design events in LA for them].

    2. put the finishing touches on the 2nd in a series of posts for neenah paper on planning sustainable design projects.

    3. decide if i’m entering HOW’s promotion design competition with 2 of my promotional projects from last year [prep and send if i am].

    once i get through that, i’m supposed to continue with an admin monday and finish my books up for taxes, but i also have some marketing books from the library i can read if i need to relax. that’s my list!

  3. Di

    Love the promo Ilise! And Lulu too – obviously she knows something good when she sees it and is recommending we all sit down (or sit on, in her case) with a very good book.

    Is this your office? It’s fun to imagine this is where we’re hearing you from when we call for our marketing groups.

    As for me, because I had a client meeting this morning, I had to reschedule Marketing Monday until tomorrow. But my meeting was at a coffee shop that’s in a 1908 bank building. Since my market is historic preservation and related industries, I posted my “office for the day” on and and . Coffee Vault owner Roxanne also welcomed me to take pictures, so I’m going to do a post about the shop on my where my goal is to begin featuring old buildings and the businesses using them.

    So, even though I’ve postponed those horrid but necessary cold calls, I’m still doing my marketing today. Goodness, I can even include this comment as marketing since I included all my links (please, click into them:-). I’m shameless, aren’t I?

  4. Rosa Fierro

    Ilise, I loved the video! Definitely your cat knows when a book is that good and doesn’t want to let it go.
    Today my Marketing Monday is dedicated to
    – Working on a list of prospects for a new market.
    – Planning a collaborative blog with a copywriter specific for the Hispanic market.
    – Writing down ideas for a self promo to send to PR and Marketing agencies.
    A good start for this week!

  5. Su Berland

    I’m getting ready to send out my (somewhat) monthly e-newsletter. It’s easy and fun, using MailChimp. I have a talented copywriter friend who edits and tweaks the text, and each time I have a project/client feature along with a “tips” column. It helps remind people that I’m here!

  6. Ilise Benun Post author

    All those tasks sound great. Hope it was productive (and Heather, I hope you’re feeling better).

    I got a little sidetracked this morning but got myself back on track putting together a list of publications who might review my book. If you have any suggestions, post them here.

  7. Laurel Black

    Oops – must have hit the wrong button. So at the Chamber meeting, I made a date for lunch with a colleague, was asked to speak to a local group about marketing, and put a bug in the City Manager’s ear about a planned Buy Local program. Not bad for having a head cold! So now it’s back to work (and some more meds).