Marketing Monday: LinkedIn question

What are you doing today for Marketing Monday? Let us know so we can keep you accountable.

If you’re not sure, think about this. Now’s the time to ramp up your efforts, not slow them down just because people are saying, “Let’s talk about that in the new year.”

This is actually the perfect time to be focused on LinkedIn, updating your profile and connecting with people you know and don’t know.(And if you need help figuring out how to use LinkedIn to get clients, it’s one of the 4 lessons I’m teaching in the new online course through HOW Design University: Developing a Successful Online Marketing Plan.

In fact, here’s a question I got from a client about the nitty gritty of connecting on LinkedIn:

When I try to add someone to my network, I have to choose from the following to describe our relationship. What should I say for people I don’t know?

  • a) Colleague
  • b) Classmate
  • c) We’ve done business together
  • d) Friend
  • e) Other, I do not know them

If I choose a, b, or c, I have to state the company or school, if I choose Friend I have to provide their email address, and if I choose e, it will not send the invite. How do I get around this?

What do you think? How do you deal with this?

3 thoughts on “Marketing Monday: LinkedIn question

  1. Amy Graver

    If you join a group that they belong to on LinkedIn, you will have that in common and can select that as an option of how you are connected. Also, if you are in the same group, you can send the person a direct message without needing to be a first tier connection.

  2. Marie Hoyt-Pariury

    I try to get connected to the person I am trying to connect with, either through one of my connections. Or I check to see if we belong to the same group(s) and or if we have worked for the same company.

    I took a seminar on LinkedIn months ago, and the person running in suggested that LinkedIn be use as a database of people we have actually met in-person and want to stay in contact. But, I do also connect with some of the suggested contacts that pop-up on the upper right side of the page.