Marketing Monday — March 14, 2011

Is this one of the things on your Marketing To Do List today: write a guest blog post for the Creative Freelancer Blog?

I hope so because, while we have a few very dedicated guest bloggers, we need more.

This blog is evolving into a place to share real, live experiences of freelancing, in all its guts and glory. So while we love success stories, we almost love horror stories more because of the increased potential for learning, not to mention the drama.

So, to trigger a few ideas:

  • Have you had a recent client experience that you hope never happens again? If so, what happened and how will you prevent it from recurring?
  • Have you made a mistake with a sub-contractor or vendor which you’ve rectified with new rules?
  • Have you discovered a new trick or resource that has made your marketing or client communicating or time management or money management easier?

If you said yes to any of this, simply put it in the comments and/or write it up and send it to me at ilise at

BTW: Many of the freelance bloggers you read here will be at this year’s Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago, June 23-24. Come and meet them in person! Early bird deadline is April 1. Details and registration here.