Marketing Monday — March 7, 2011

Guess what? It’s Marketing Monday again. Before things get too crazy this week, take some time this morning to strategize what marketing tasks you’re going to do each day. Otherwise, it may not get done and another week-without-marketing will go by.

Here’s what I’m doing today:

  1. Promoting this week’s events, including an in-person workshop I’m giving with Galia Gichon at Freelancers Union on Tuesday and part 2 (of 3) in the DesignCast series, How to Talk to Clients About Money, based on my new book, The Creative Professional’s Guide to Money.
  2. Reaching out to CFC partners to enlist their help spreading the word about the Creative Freelancer Conference, June 23-24 in Chicago by offering a discount to their members. (If you have a group or blog or following and want to offer them a discount, let me know and I’ll arrange it.)
  3. Filling the two open spots in my Beginner Marketing Group that starts next Monday, March 7. If you need some accountability for your marketing and need to set a strong foundation, this 6-month course can help. Details here.

Three areas of focus are plenty for me and probably you too. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

What are you doing for Marketing Monday? Any networking events coming up where you can meet your prospects in person?

Tell us here so we can hold your feet to the fire.