Marketing 101 Resources

One of the suggestions that came from the post-conference survey was to include a session on “Marketing 101” — not for your own marketing purposes but to learn about corporate marketing for your clients.

Because no matter what kind of freelancer or creative professional you are, and no matter what type of industry or sector your clients are in, most of what you do supports your clients’ marketing efforts, right?

And more and more, as things change and quickly, the better you are as a marketing resource, the more value you bring to your clients.

So to further your own learning, here are a few resources I like:

They all have email newsletters or lists you can sign up for to stay abreast of what they offer.

What about you? What do you read and/or follow? How do you learn about marketing?

2 thoughts on “Marketing 101 Resources

  1. Val

    Thanks, Ilise, for the terrific marketing resources. I have the honor of leading a marketing company that focuses on shining a light on the good works being done by others – particularly businesses and organizations that are socially responsible and helping the world become a better place. One of the things I try to do is connect my clients with as many meaningful resources as possible to help them be successful. I’m glad to have come across your blog and glad to share it with others! Sunshine!