Marketing Monday: Marketing Plan + Calendar Bundle

Ilise BenunJust a reminder that today is a good day for a marketing plan.

I spent last Monday reorganizing all the marketing files on my computer which made it so much easier to see what I had to work with.

Maybe you need to do some organizing before you get to the marketing? Of course, the Marketing Plan + Calendar Bundle from will help.

The Start Anytime Markeitng Plan + Calendar is a weekly calendar with all of your marketing tasks filled in for you already. It breaks down the tasks in more detail and includes insight, tips, articles and extra guidance to keep you motivated thorughout the year. It includes all the nitty-gritty details you’ll need to grow your business.

It includes monthly tracking and metrics, customizable phone scripts, ideas for online networking, advanced marketing strategies, profit-driving social networking strategies. and ideas for how to handle money conversations and scope creep. It also provides guidance on your marketing tasks and includes articles, tips, Month Recaps to track your progress and an Annual Recap at the end of the year.

Are you stuck with the dreaded feast-or-famine syndrome? If you have an established business and you want to get most of your clients through word-of-mouth, or if you get work but it’s not the work you want, this tool is perfect for you.

I love when the Calendar reminders pop up. They serve as a constant reminder that I have a marketing plan in place and I can glance at the time to make sure I am doing the activity that I have scheduled.

Get yours here.