Marketing Monday: Email Marketing Service

Ilise BenunIt’s Marketing Monday again and, even though it’s a short week, there’s time to check a few marketing tasks off your list.

Here’s what I’m doing today: inputting contact info into (the email marketing service I love) for all the people I met at DesignThinkers in Toronto 10 days ago. Myemma offers mobile-optimized templates and world-class design services, plus a delivery rate of 99.2%.

Are there any business cards lying around on your desk for people you haven’t followed up with yet? If so, do it today.

BTW: If you have any Canadian clients or prospects, this is the best week to reach out to them. They’ve already had Thanksgiving and will be working all week.

And if you’ve been thinking about getting the new 2011 Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan + Calendar (with new eCalendar add-on), now is the perfect time.