Marketing Monday: Revamp Your Web Site This Week?

It’s Marketing Monday again and summer is the perfect time to focus on your marketing, if client work is slow.

Could you be revamping the content for your Web site? Here are two tools to help you:

Web Site in a Week: By following this program as a guide, you will create the content for a marketing-smart web site that your prospects and clients will find useful and usable. The 71-page program contains resources, outlines and worksheets that walk you through the assignments. The course focuses on developing the content (keeping your target market in mind) and determining how it should be presented, how the copy on the site is written (i.e. for the web) and how the site should be laid out for maximum ease of use.

A Website That Works, by Mark O’Brien. Using his 9-Step Process, Mark O’Brien, president of Newfangled Web Development, provides a framework for creating website strategies that will help you take the lead on client web projects and plan sites that specialize in attracting, informing, and engaging the right audience. (Read my review of the book on The Marketing Mix Blog.)

Any other tools you recommend?