Marketing Monday: Timing is everything

Right after CFC in Chicago, I did a one-hour consultation with CFC attendee, Tarry Nwaise, a designer from Madison, Tennessee. During that session, I told her, among other things, that timing is everything when it comes to marketing. And I encouraged her to reach out to some contacts she hadn’t talk to in a while. A week later, here’s the message she sent me, with the subject line: You Were Right!

You will not believe what happened.

I decided to take the first 2 hours of my days for my business or time to upgrade my skills. Last Tuesday was the day to make some cold calls and follow ups.

I started going down my list.

I e-mailed a past client at a healthcare facility and my next step was to walk over with some of my new business cards.

So I e-mailed her, in the e-mail asked about doing work for her and I said I was coming by to leave some cards.

When I got there, I ran right into her in the building.

She said, “I just got your e-mail.” We talked and I gave her my cards. Then as I was leaving she said she just remembered she does have a project for me.

She said “I will e-mail you. Good thing you came by today.”

You were right! Timing is everything.

Who can you call or visit today who just might have a project for you? Or, any “good timing” stories you have to tell?

One thought on “Marketing Monday: Timing is everything

  1. Geena

    My partner and I were just discussing the importance of timing details when considering the task of updating our blog or our Facebook page, which are our main methods of internet marketing. Because our business is online rather than brick-and-mortar, we realized that waiting until the right moment to publish something, even as minute as a blog entry, can be pretty essential. People tend to “check in” to the web world mid-morning, in the late afternoon, or in the evening. We plan to update accordingly, and hopefully rather than just scrolling by, our audience will be compelled to click and browse because they will have a little more time.