Marketing Monday – Valentine’s Day 2011

I’m not a big fan of Hallmark holidays, except if you can use it as an excuse for marketing.

So it’s convenient that Valentine’s Day falls on Marketing Monday because it is absolutely the perfect excuse to call (yes, I mean pick up the phone and call) your 5 (or 10) favorite clients to tell them how much you appreciate working with them.

Some creative types use Valentine’s Day instead of the end of year holiday season as their time to celebrate. Anyone out there send (or hand-delivering) chocolate to clients or something more creative? Let us know in the comments.

If you’re just doing a regular Marketing Monday, let us know what’s on your “to do” list so we can help you stay on track.

And don’t you wonder what Dyana Valentine does on Valentine’s Day. Let’s see if she’ll tell us….

2 thoughts on “Marketing Monday – Valentine’s Day 2011

  1. Dyana Valentine

    ha! You are tricky:) I spent my day exxxactly how I love to spend days: creative time in the morning (blocking out two mornings this week and transitioning to four next week) for JUST ME–using my best time of day for my best brain work. Started a new exercise class (whoosh, brutal, but great), and taught a group of new students on the first day of Spring semester. Oh, and two fantastic clients. Can’t imagine a better day. Thanks for asking!

  2. Anne C. Kerns, AIGA

    Anne Likes Red, Inc., sent valentines to clients. How could she not? Clients from 2010 (and some prospects) got custom cards with a story and a family recipe for red velvet cake. Select local clients got red velvet cupcakes from CakeLove delivered by courier. It was very last minute because I’m currently slammed. (I made the 60 cards + recipe inserts late last week.) A writer friend helped me edit my story.

    The response was positive so I’m glad I gave up sleep to make the effort. One client remembered she wants me to come in and give an informational presentation to the rest of her team.

    Note to self: Must try harder to plan ahead and send promotions to more people.

    You want the best red velvet cake recipe, EVER? Download it from my Facebook page: and please consider “Liking” me, too.