Mark Your Calendar

Knowing how and when to market yourself isn’t easy. Unless you have a routine to follow, you’ll be haphazard and scattershot in your marketing efforts, and you’ll see inconsistent results, at best. What you need is a plan, not just in your head, but on paper (OK, maybe on computer): a plan that breaks out all the steps to follow and in what order. You need a system in place, a process for contacting, mailing and following up with both new and existing clients. It’s all about preparation— and, as Edna “E” Mode in Disney’s “The Incredibles” said, “Luck favors the prepared.”

That’s why we’ve compiled a yearlong marketing calendar—much like a Marketing To-Do List— that covers activities to do daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, all of which need to be integrated into the running of your business. All you do is plug in your specifics. You can choose from two: The Plan for Rookies, if you’re just starting out, either with a new business or maybe a new market; and The Veteran’s Plan for those with a mature business in place.

Download the marketing calendar now.

HOW October 2007