More on June 24 at CFC

As I was saying yesterday about Day 2 of the Creative Freelancer Conference (coming up in now almost exactly one month — there’s still time to register)….

After Breakfast Roundtables, we’ll break into 2 tracks for the morning — a request from last year’s attendees:

Beginner Track:

  • Intro to Marketing for Freelancers (that’s my session on how to create a basic Marketing Machine), followed by
  • Basic Money Management Strategies for Freelancers, with Joe D’Agnese and Denise Kiernan, the authors of “The Money Book

Advanced Track:

  • How to Fail at Marketing: Advanced Techniques for Freelancers with Allen Murabayashi, co-founder of PhotoShelter, followed by…
  • I Want to Make a Million Dollars! with Monique Elwell, whom some of you may remember when she led a roundtable at last year’s CFC

Then we’ll take a break for lunch (and we just might add an optional session there, for those who want as much as they can get). After lunch, we’ll come back together for:

  • Becoming a Hired Gun with Von Glitschka (did you hear his latest Freelancer Radio Show?)
  • And last but certainly not least, the unparalleled Dyana Valentine will do a Round Up of CFC, which she promises will be an interactive session where you’ll learn what to do with everything you’ve learned at CFC. (Definitely need that!)

That’s not all…but I’ll have to finish tomorrow.