Multiple ways to plan for 2011

Ilise BenunA round up of posts around the freelance blogosphere on planning for 2011. Here are my favorites:

From ASMP’s Strictly Business blog, Jenna Close shares her 3 tiers of clients/prospects and what each gets for the holidays. (Read it here.)

From Kristen Fischer on Freelance Switch:

Marketing. Even if you want to take a month off from work, and you can, I encourage you to keep up with your marketing efforts. I recently got postcards printed and will be spending time addressing those and building my marketing list. Again, no immediate financial payoff, but when everyone returns to work in 2011 with new ideas and projects, you want your name to be visible–so this can be a huge benefit. (Read the rest here.)

From the FreshBooks “Fresh Thinking” blog (and check out the adorable dog):

Set timelines, and PUT THEM IN YOUR CALENDAR! Google, iCal, Outlook, paper, iPhone, whatever you use, put those deadlines in writing! This makes it MUCH easier to keep on track and succeed!

(BTW, the Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan + Calendar (plus bonus eCalendar will make it really easy!)

Any others you’ve found?