My unknown identical twin?

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planWhy is somebody using my picture?

Either I have an identical twin I don’t know about, or somebody is using my picture as their profile picture on Twitter and Pinterest.

I’m not sure if this is a real person who perhaps did this by accident, or if it’s some sort of robot. It’s very strange and I can’t find contact information to get in touch with this person directly.

What should I do? Any advice?

7 thoughts on “My unknown identical twin?

  1. Kendall Ridley

    Hi Ilise, sorry this is happening to you. (I had someone pretending to be an employee of mine on LinkedIn, so I can sympathize.)

    Forget trying to contact this person directly. Go straight to the customer service departments at Twitter and Pinterest to report these accounts as fraudulent.

    How did you find the pictures of yourself? Reverse image search?

  2. Ilise Benun Post author

    Thanks, Kendall, I’ll try that.
    One thing I did also was follow this person on Twitter.
    “She” responded right away by thanking me for following.
    But I can’t send a direct message because “she” doesn’t follow me.

  3. Stacy Schilling

    I sent her a direct tweet asking her “Um…Why are you using Ilise Benum’s photo?”. Maybe she’ll get the hint, but I think Kendall has some good advice.

  4. Robyn Voshardt

    Hi Ilise, That’s alarming. I’d consider it a legal issue and contact the IP infringement link at Twitter and Pinterest right away. Don’t rely too long on general customer service links. I think you can follow their DMCA takedown procedure. One complaint per post/link required. Twitter can be slow but I know from experience they will follow through if you persist. Your likeness should then be removed immediately from the infringing account and it goes on the record. Just in case… Hope that helps!

  5. Karen Kessler

    If it was me, it would matter. If this person is going so far as to use your photo, who knows what other online material of yours that she is using as her own? Seems to me like the steps mentioned above are worth it. As Barney Fife would say “Nip it, nip it in the bud!”

    Entirely up to you – my two cents!