Networking in a “hostile” environment

Ilise BenunI don’t really mean “hostile,” but I was talking yesterday to a client about an event put on by a trade association in her target market — PR firms. She went for networking purposes, but it wasn’t officially a “networking” event.

It was an educational event — a seminar on SEO to be specific — with attendees sitting classroom-style. The event started late so they were all sitting there for about 30 minutes waiting for it to begin, but they weren’t doing much talking.

It was the perfect opportunity to “network” (that simply means “talk to people” BTW) but the atmosphere wasn’t conducive to “networking.”

Have you found yourself in that situation? What would you do to get a conversation going, especially if this was a room full of your target market?

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One thought on “Networking in a “hostile” environment

  1. Holly Jakobs

    Sometimes we are so involved in our conversation with ourselves that we forget that all it takes is one person to turn the whole room around from self conscious and shy to outgoing and engaging. I usually ask myself, “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” and if there isn’t a good enough reason (usually isn’t), I turn to the person next to me and open my mouth…..