Only 40 Freelancer Kits left

The latest “kit” in My Design Shop’s Ultimate Collection program is for freelancers and it looks like there are only 40 left.

It’s called “How To Succeed As A Freelancer” and it includes a selection of books and webcasts (some of my material) especially for freelancers:

  • You’re a Freelancer – Now What? DesignCast
  • The Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing
  • Creative Freelancer Bootcamp DesignCast 3-Part Series
  • The Graphic Design Exercise Book
  • Controlling the Money Conversation with Clients DesignCast 4-Part Series
  • Freelance Design in Practice
  • How to Survive as a Freelance Designer DesignCast

It’s a $391 value but they’ve set aside 100 kits for $99 each. If this sounds good to you, buy it today as there aren’t many left. Details here.