Self Promotion for Graphic Design & Designers

Graphic design self-promotion tools are essential for all design professionals. But how do you come up with new and unique self-promotion tactics? Or how do you help your design clients achieve their mission through dynamic self-promotion design? Find tips and advice to help elevate you to a self-promo pro. See how by effectively marketing your graphic, web design business, you can experience positive results.

Laura Foley Business card

How to Turn Away Business with Your Business Card

Is Twitter a great way to communicate? Absolutely. But for many people it's not the preferred method. Making people search for other ways to contact you, while it might be a great test of loyalty and patience, is not ideal when you're trying to attract clients. Here's a better strategy from Laura M. Foley...

Jezra Kaye Speak Like Yourself...No Really

Answers to 3 Common Questions About Public Speaking

In the latest podcast/interview in the Creative Freelancer Conference Speaker Series (the big event is right around the corner, June 22-24 in San Francisco), Ilise Benun speaks with Jezra Kaye, author of “Speak Like Yourself, No Really,” and together they dissect each word of her session title: “Promote and Present: How to Speak Persuasively...


[Podcast] 10 Tips for Networking With a Purpose

In preparation for the networking fest that is CFC 2013: The Business Conference for the Creatively Self Employed (, networking expert, author and speaker Dana Manciagli shares with Ilise Benun 10 tips to networking with a purpose to get what you need.

[Podcast] Common Roadblocks for New Freelancers

Podcast: Bryn Mooth on where she is after 2 years of freelancing and her upcoming CFC session: What to Expect When You’re Freelancing, which is perfect for those who are anywhere on the continuum from "I’m thinking about it" to "I’ve made the move but I’m still struggling,"