Self Promotion for Graphic Design & Designers

Graphic design self-promotion tools are essential for all design professionals. But how do you come up with new and unique self-promotion tactics? Or how do you help your design clients achieve their mission through dynamic self-promotion design? Find tips and advice to help elevate you to a self-promo pro. See how by effectively marketing your graphic, web design business, you can experience positive results.

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Summer Lull = Time to Improve Your Proposals?

If you’re experiencing a little “summer slowdown,” please don’t use it as an opportunity to panic. Instead, use the little August lull to work “on” your business instead of “in” your business. Let’s start with your proposals — I’ll be they can use some improvement. Well, I have the perfect solution to that problem: Monday,...

Ilise Benun on your online marketing plan

Do They Show Your Work To Their Spouse For Feedback?

  Here’s an email newsletter I got today from CFC-veteran and copywriter, Conrad Winter (a.k.a. The Backpocket Copywriter) — just had to pass it along! Dear Ilise, It used to drive me crazy when clients would tell me, “I showed your ideas to my spouse, and…” Or “Let me get back to you, I...

Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design

Two visitors, two calls-to-action

Your website can have the world’s most awesome content. But if you’re not giving readers a next step—what’s the point? For a website to work (funnel ideal clients and projects, weed out tire-kickers, gather info and save you time)—it’s got to ask something of your visitors and encourage a next step. But not all...


Email Newsletters Are Not Dead — Far From It!

There was a discussion recently in our very active “Creative Freelancer Conference” LinkedIn Group about the current thinking on email newsletters as a marketing tool for freelancers. I haven’t weighed in yet but David Carr has a great article in the New York Times (6/30/14), “For Email Newsletters: A Death Greatly Exaggerated,” on the fact that...

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Tips to Conquer the Rest of 2014 via @PhotoShelter

Can you believe we are already almost halfway through 2014? The good news: You still have six months left to bring in business and end the year strong. Actually, there’s just over 200 days left, so you’ve got a lot to work with. If you didn’t make it to HOW Design Live or the...