Self Promotion for Graphic Design & Designers

Graphic design self-promotion tools are essential for all design professionals. But how do you come up with new and unique self-promotion tactics? Or how do you help your design clients achieve their mission through dynamic self-promotion design? Find tips and advice to help elevate you to a self-promo pro. See how by effectively marketing your graphic, web design business, you can experience positive results.


Holiday Card Design Gives Nod to Thanksgivukkah

When the entire world simultaneously discovered that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah would share a celebration date, traditional media and the Twittersphere alike exploded with puns, jokes and an appropriate mash-up of names. Enter Thanksgivukkah, the festival of lights and stuffing. Although everyone who participated in this year’s Thanksgivukkah will be long dead before the next...

"Where are you going?"

CFC How To: Jenny Poff Explains Finding Your Target Market

Freelancer and CFC Veteran, Jenny Poff, created this short explainer video to share what she learned at CFC 2013 about finding her target market. Jenny is also the founder of THE DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE, a free accountability group for solo creative professionals. I noticed that a lot of solo creatives are struggling with defining their niche...

Laura Foley Business card

How to Turn Away Business with Your Business Card

Is Twitter a great way to communicate? Absolutely. But for many people it's not the preferred method. Making people search for other ways to contact you, while it might be a great test of loyalty and patience, is not ideal when you're trying to attract clients. Here's a better strategy from Laura M. Foley...