Podcast: Interview with Illustrator, Cedric Hohnstadt

Ilise BenunSay “hello” to illustrator (and 3-time CFC veteran) Cedric Hohnstadt, who was recently interviewed by Bob Ostrom on “Creative Independence.”

In the 40-minute conversation (link below), Cedric shares all sorts of secrets about how he markets himself to build a client list that includes, Disney, DreamWorks, Wal-Mart, Target and Crayola, to name a few. He goes into:

  • How things have changed since he started his illustration business 13 years ago
  • What used to work — but doesn’t anymore
  • How many samples you should have in your portfolio
  • What happened when he tried advertising in 10 sourcebooks ($$$!) in the same year (you can guess)
  • Mistakes people make with social media and where it should fit in the “marketing mix” (including blogging)
  • How to network when you’re an introvert (read his blog post, Networking for Dummies.)

He also demystifies cold calling, including when to call back and how often, why having a script could mess you up. And he actually recites his simple script. It’s one helpful hint after another!

You can listen here or download from iTunes.

BTW: In the interview, Cedric kindly credits The Creative Freelancer Conference and The Designer’s Guide to Marketing & Pricing for some of his ideas. Thanks, Cedric.

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Interview with Illustrator, Cedric Hohnstadt

  1. Tim Read

    Great stuff Cedric and Ilise!
    I had the pleasure of spending a few days hanging with Cedric in Vegas last summer at the Licensing International Expo. He and his work are true inspirations. Thanks for sharing!
    Tim Read

  2. Bob Ostrom

    Hi Ilise,
    I’d like to thank you for mentioning Creative Independence and featuring my interview with Cedric. He is a great guy and a great artist. I’d also like to thank Cedric for introducing our listeners to this site as well. What an amazing resource.
    Thanks again,
    Bob O