“Professionals” Are Freelancers Too

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planMore and more types of workers are going “freelance.”

In today’s Crains NY Business, there is an article on the latest variation on this trend: “highly-trained professionals” such as M.B.A.’s and M.D.’s love the flexibility of freelancing and are now trying to pick up independent gigs, according to this article.

According to Manpower Group, nearly one in four workers toil on a “contingent” basis, and the trend is expected to grow as companies choose to dial their workforces up or down at a moment’s notice.”

Here’s more:

Places like MBAandCo.com and expert networks like CognoLink, a research firm that connects investment professionals with industry specialists, and AlphaSights, where professionals offer clients insights in business niches, are making it easier for highly skilled folks like Mr. Gulliver to freelance, too. They’re also providing a steady stream of work for full-time professionals, such as doctors, who want to pick up extra consulting work.

The global financial crisis, a research gap at large brokerage firms and national health reform’s pressure on medical organizations to cut labor costs are motivating highly educated professionals to seek temporary projects. Read the rest here

MBAandCo.com bills itself as “the global marketplace for freelance management consultancy and research work.”

I hope this will advance my mission to free the stigma from the word “freelance.”

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