How Real Art Helped ooVoo Get Noticed

Dayton, OH–based Real Art took home the Best of Show award in last year’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards for their design for ooVoo, a forward-thinking video chat app. ooVoo originally asked Real Art to design a mind-blowing booth to launch their new intelligent video platform at CES 2015, and Real Art went above and beyond, designing a massive, interactive, emotion-reading flip-dot wall that uses intelligent video to analyze and respond to viewers’ facial expression in real time.

With the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards 2016 Early-Bird deadline fast approaching (March 11!), we thought it would be fitting to go behind the scenes with Real Art and find out what challenges they faced, how exactly the flip-dot wall helped ooVoo get noticed, and how their team celebrated their win.

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Q: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced when building this massive emotion reading interactive flip-dot wall?

A: There were many challenges in developing the flip dot wall including: managing the logistics of ordering hundreds of the flip-dot panels from Europe; engineering a structure that maximized the visibility of the display and supported the weight of the panels and the other electronics that powered them; engineering the communication system that linked the nearly 200 flip-dot panels into one massive display; developing the software that cycled through different displays of content and divided the display into seven sections that were each controlled by the input from seven depth sensing cameras that captured the viewer’s emotional data with the ooVoo Intelligent Video SDK; having to limit the design of all the graphics to such a low resolution and strictly black and white.

promo_2016_web_ads_march11_300x220Q: How did the wall help ooVoo “get noticed”?

A: The primary function of the flip-dot wall is to act as a display devise. However, its unique look and mechanical features and the distinctive sound of thousands of dots flipping back and forth create much more intrigue than an LCD screen of the same size would have.

As CES attendees walked past the ooVoo booth, they were drawn in by the curiosity of the wall. Once they were in the booth investigating the flip dots, brand ambassadors could reach out and fill them in on the full ooVoo brand story.

The booth also received a great deal of press, including being included in Time Magazine’s 20 Most Eye-Catching Booths at CES 2015.

Q: How did the Real Art team celebrate the HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Best of Show win?

A: We are very proud of our HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Best of Show win.  While celebrating with the Real Art Team at our 30th Anniversary Party in October 2015, this win was recognized with a champagne toast!






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