11 Resume Designs with Slick Personal Branding

Here at HOW, our goal is to provide graphic designers of all skill levels with the resources to sharpen their talent. We also aim to assist our readers in perfecting their resume. A few years ago, we assembled 10 Eye-Catching Graphic Designer Resumes as inspiration for those who are on the job hunt. While still a fantastic resource for resume designs, we thought we needed an updated version.

Before we view these outstanding resumes, let’s review Ellen Shapiro’s personal branding tips. We want to help you land that interview to your dream job! (If you’re here just for the eye-candy, scroll down.)

Design Your Resume like a Boss with these Personal Branding Tips:

These key points to consider when crafting your personal brand is excerpted from Ellen Shapiro’s personal branding course.

  • Your personal brand has to reflect what you can do that your bosses or clients — business owners, leaders of nonprofit orgs, marketing directors, customers for your products — can’t do on their own. Otherwise, why would they need to hire you or buy what you have to sell?
  • Your brand has to reflect your unique skill-set and personality. If you are too generic, you’re boring, undifferentiated, another resume or site to pass up. But if you present a too particular style, potential clients may think that you don’t have the objectivity and scope to be able to provide services that reflect their identity, not yours. The trick is to strike the right balance.
  • Consistency is key. With so many products and brands competing for everyone’s attention, it’s important for each brand to have a consistent identity. Otherwise, the public would be confused. Consider Starbucks. Wherever you are in the world, when you see a mermaid in a green circle, you know you can plug in or log on their wifi, stay a while, read your email, and enjoy a favorite beverage. If Starbucks decided to use a series of different logos, you’d be in trouble (and so would they), whether you were looking for a Starbucks in Beijing, Guanajuato, or in another neighborhood of your own hometown.

11 Striking Graphic Designer Resumes

HOW’s Online Community Manager Jessica Farris and I found these resume designs that included slick personal branding elements to inspire your 2016 resume!

Kriss Cáceres

KrissCaceres1 krisscaceres2

Zack Brady

zackbrady1 zackbrady2


Chuck D. Lay’s Resume

His comic illustration style logo is the perfect identity for this nostalgic designer.


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“I’M YOUR NEW MOJO” Self-Promotional Package
by Jo Tan 

This is simply brilliant. “I used a battery as a metaphor to represent power. A small ‘More about your new mojo’ booklet is included that tells the reader about where I’m from and what I do, etc. ” – Jo Tan




HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards

Craig Black

Craig Black’s personal branding is gorgeous.

Personal Branding 2015

Personal Branding 2015

Personal Branding 2015

Personal Branding 2015

Personal Branding 2015

Personal Branding 2015

Personal Branding 2015

Personal Branding 2015

by Matt Stucky

This creative design is eye-popping.


stuckey3 stuckey4 stuckey6

Sarah Brust


Marc-Antoine Allard

marc-antoine-allard1 marc-antoine-allard2 marc-antoine-allard3

Pratika Appaiah

tika1 tika3 tika4

Anna Chang

annachang3 annachang4 annachang5

Mohamad Faridz Husaini


mohamad-faridz-1 mohamad-fariz3 mohamad-fariz4