Series: What to Say When…Part 1

I’ve been a full-time freelancer for 5 years and have been trying to market myself as a true professional designer in my networking circles. In my somewhat small market (Greensboro, NC), we seem to have a good majority of inexperienced designers give things away for next to nothing and it seems to be a constant challenge to differentiate myself from them.

I often have prospects who seem to misunderstand the advertising industry and since so many inexperienced freelancers are in the mix, a few myths seem to be circling about. My goal is to educate my prospects on why an experienced professional designer is important. Here is the first of a few myths that I’ve dealt with recently:

Client: “Hiring an experienced designer will cost me a lot of money.” or “Advertising is too expensive.”

You: “Yes, it can be expensive, but if you compare the cost of wasted advertising efforts, it will most likely be money well spent… both in time and money.

If you see advertising as an investment and not an expense, you will quickly realize that having a professional design can actually help your bottom line. How many clients do you need to get in order to make your advertising work? Compared to how much money you can make with a particular advertising campaign, the cost may be nominal. It’s also imperative to do the right type of marketing for your needs and a professional can help you with that.

What do you say when a client says to you, ““Advertising is too expensive”?

Next time: “Talking about Budget is nothing but a sales game and I’m not falling for it.”

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