The Most Important E-Marketing Tool: Your Signature File

Your sig file, as it is commonly known, can identify not only who you are, what you do and where you are located; it can also make it supremely easy for prospects to get in touch with you in the way that’s most comfortable for them. This is important because your prospects, in their moment of need for your services, need not only to remember you, but to be able to find your contact information and work samples without wasting too much time.

What Is a Signature File?
A signature file is text that automatically attaches itself to the end of every email message you send. It is used most often in business to convey contact information, as a letterhead or business card would.

A sig file is the simplest Internet marketing tool there is. It’s also the most effective, because it is unobtrusive and well accepted by most everyone online. So make sure yours provides the information your clients need.

The Four Things Your Sig File Must Have
• Complete contact information. Include all the possible ways you can be reached—office phone, cell phone, fax number, toll-free number, email address, mailing address, domain name, even your office hours.
• Portfolio link. Your prospect may want to see your work right away, so make it easy by including a link to your portfolio (either your own domain name or Web site or an online portfolio site posting your work). Make sure the URL takes your prospects directly to the page where your work is displayed rather than to the home page of a site where they’ll have to search for your work.
• An image. Attaching an image is sometimes better than offering a portfolio link, because your recipient needs only to scroll down or, at the very most, open an attachment. On the other hand, some people are wary of viruses that are transmitted via attachments, so if you decide to include an image, offer a link as well so they can choose.
• Your tag line. To stand out from the competition, every company needs a tag line or a seven-word blurb—a precise and concise description of the services offered—especially if your company name doesn’t convey this information.