Simple campaign to get a retainer client

Ilise BenunIt’s Marketing Monday again!

And today’s first post is a quick interview I did with designer, Lisa Lehman, who responded last week to my post, “Considering a Retainer Arrangement?” She wrote:

I don’t particularly like the “selling” aspect of working for myself. I found that I was spending entirely too much time “selling” only to gain small projects. So, I launched a campaign specifically for retainers. From that, I gained one retainer client who has been with me for three years now. I would say it was a success!

I wanted to know about this “campaign” Lisa launched so you could follow her model. In our interview she described the target market she chose, exactly what she did, how she did it and what she will do differently next time (because needs another retainer client and she’s about to do it again).

Listen to our 5-minute conversation here [audio:]

or download the mp3.

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One thought on “Simple campaign to get a retainer client

  1. yamini

    this was a great tip. im an american living in sweden starting up my freelance design firm to a whole new world of no contacts and the concept of a retainer was something i hadn’t thought of, to have a semi-steady stream of income coming in. thank you!!!