Sponsor’s Corner: Free marketing plan toolkit from ADBASE

This post comes to you from ADBASE, one of our sponsor partners of the Creative Freelancer Conference. They’ll be at the CFC to answer all your questions about how their service can help you with your marketing efforts; check out the free resource available via a link towards the end of the post to get you started.

At ADBASE, our focus is connecting photographers and illustrators to the right clients.  We get lots of questions from our clients asking: how they can get more clients, how to nurture the ones they have, how to be successful with direct mail and email campaigns, etc.

Before you can really answer these questions, you need to have a marketing plan to guide you. Your plan is your guiding light for achieving your business goals and vision. Creating it will take you through the process of clearly defining what you do, whom you want to sell your services to, and how you will market yourself successfully. It will help you decide how you are going to allocate your marketing dollars for the best return. It will become your action plan to help you get new customers.

Start thinking about your plan now, and come to the Conference armed with your questions.  Here’s a place to get started: our exclusive white paper “Plan for Profit: A Marketing and Promotional Guide for Photographers and Illustrators”. (Editor’s note: You can download the paper by clicking here and filling out a short registration form at the ADBASE site—no further commitment necessary.)