Tea for two: Delighting with Promotion Design


Time-traveling film posters. 1950s B-movies colliding with late 20th-century films. Mongrel creative crossbreeds galore. This is what’s up at Tea for two, a graphic design studio in Madrid.

When the HOW team caught sight of Harry, Sally and the creature from the black lagoon in our inbox, we had to see more of these promotional posters and more from the studio behind them. What we found was that Tea for two knows design—and knows how to promote themselves with design. Experimenting with materials, tools and always a wild imagination, the creatives are crafting the kinds of promotions that leave an impression. Below, you’ll find a collection of their promotion design.

Tea for two’s Unique Promotional Posters

Tea for two’s objectives with this poster project in particular was twofold: First, they wanted to enjoy the process of creating the concepts, searching for references and designing them—and they did! Second, they hope for these posters to ultimately bring them more people and companies who want to work with them.

Tea for two's unique promotional posters—When Harry Met Sally + Creature from the Black Lagoon

Tea for two’s unique promotional poster—When Harry Met Sally + The Creature from the Black Lagoon. See the others below.

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The Benefits of Making Time for Promotion Work

Setting aside time for creative self-promotion work helps Tea for two stay fresh. “Even with a creative job like ours, we can be tempted to use resources we know will work, so this type of work helps us Killer Self-Promotion Strategies eBook get out of our comfort zone and explore different means of communication,” Palomar says.

He notes that working on these promotional pieces is very important to the team. The creatives believe in the power of sending unique promotional designs to potential clients via mail and have seen great results, especially with their tea invitation box. They also enjoy delighting their “regulars” with promotional gifts every year.

But the project that brought Tea for two the most attention overall was paid client promotion work for FIB (Benicassim International Festival), a musical festival with an audience of 200,000 people watching groups like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Oasis. “It was a fantastic challenge,” Palomar says. “We recreated several festival areas with more than 400 little figures, some of which we made ourselves, which the client really loved.”

More great promotion design from Tea for two:

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