The business-self and the self-self

CFC starts in just less than 3 months — June 23-24, 2011 in Chicago — and the early bird deadline is exactly one week from today — April 1st.

So we will be bringing you up to date on some progress made by CFC veterans over the last year. Today we focus on Ventura, CA-based designer, Charlene Tiedemann of the newly positioned The Loop Design Studio.

Until last year, Charlene was getting bits and pieces of work, but struggling with how to get more clients and how to become the boss. She didn’t know who the clients were, where they were, or how to get to them.

She said, “Meeting people and having a strategy to meet people were my biggest challenges. I know they’re just people, and they’re all out there, and they need me, but I had no idea how to find them. Now I’m calling people and I’m finding more people…  It’s like a gold mine. I keep digging and digging and finding more people.”

One of the main marketing tools Charlene is using is in person networking, and through that process that she has developed what she calls her “business self.”

In the interview we did for the Marketing Mentor podcast, she describes how attending a networking event with her prospects motivates her to become “her business self” more readily than marketing tools she does alone in her office.

Plus, she has a bit of advice to any creative freelancer just starting out, or anyone who needs more work and don’t know what to do.

Listen to the interview here. (11 minutes)

BTW: If you want the jump start that Charlene got, join us at the Creative Freelancer Conference, June 23-24 in Chicago. Details and registration here.