The Simplest Marketing Plan

Keep it simple!

That’s another suggestion I made in last week’s peptalk/webinar, The Only Marketing Tools You Need for 2012, (see what people tweeted with #mktgpeptalk).

So you don’t get overwhelmed and so you are less likely to get in your own way, I am simplifying all of my marketing recommendations. (That’s what’s new in this year’s Creative Professional’s Marketing Plan + Calendar Bundle.)

So I suggested that creative professionals who haven’t done any marketing (to speak of) start with what I called the “Beginner Plan.” I proposed two versions:

  1. Beginner Online Plan: emphasizes online marketing tools if you’re looking for clients anywhere. (This is the one I teach online through the new HOW U, with new sessions starting this week and Feb 6.).
  2. Beginner Local Plan: if you’re looking for clients nearby, especially small business owners.

They both have essentially the same 3 (count ’em!) tools and no more!

  • Networking (online and/or in person)
  • Marketing-Smart Web site
  • Email marketing

This will fill your pipeline, if you do it! (If you need help figuring out how to use them, take my online course, Developing a Successful Online Marketing Plan.)

What do you think? Simple enough for you?

One thought on “The Simplest Marketing Plan

  1. Jean

    I love how simple it is. So many small businesses only focus on what they know and neglect the marketing side of their business. Looking professional is the first step, then after receiving a brand identity you can use the logo to market yourself online. Hiring a professional graphic designer that fits your taste and has great communication skills is so important. Don’t skimp on the designer, because someone with experience will create a look and can make recommendations that will give you confidence. That confidence will be that much needed wind for your marketing sails. Everything in your article is spot on and I look forward to reading more! Thank you!