Think full-time is secure?

Recently, I saw Brian Miller, author of “Above the Fold,” speak at A Day in the Life, and he used this image to demonstrate another way of looking at full-time vs. freelance:It made me wonder if full-timers realize they only have 1 client. Being full-time may feel secure, but the fact is, you are totally dependent one client.

As a freelancer, however, you can have as many clients as you choose, making you less vulnerable. (Unless, as a freelancer you also only have one or two clients.)

One of the reasons people are afraid of freelancing is because they don’t know how they’re going to get the clients.

It’s actually not that hard and you can learn the basics this year at Creative Freelancer Conference, where we have two tracks on marketing for freelancers.

  • I’m presenting “Intro to Marketing for Freelancers” and
  • Allen Murabayashi, CEO and Founder of PhotoShelter (a very funny and engaging speaker) is presenting “How to Fail at Marketing: Advanced Techniques for Freelancers.”

Won’t you join us, June 23-24 in Chicago? (Early bird deadline ends soon — May 1. Register here before it’s too late.)