Want To Work With Organizations That “Do Good”?

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planLately, when I ask clients who they want to work with, they say, “I want to work with organizations that are doing good.” Or, “We want to work with companies that are making the world a better place.”

What does this mean? Non profit? Socially conscious? Environmentally conscious? Green? Creating products that are more environmentally responsible?

And once you’ve defined what it means to you, where do you find these prospects and how do you attract them?

In my recent podcast/interview with Sarah Durham of Big Duck, we batted this idea around and here are a few things that came up:

  • It’s a broad tent. There’s a difference between companies that are socially conscious and those that are “doing good.” Be clear about what you are looking for.
  • More and more for profit businesses are trying to engage in socially conscious activities. Many even have “corporate responsibility programs” or CSRs.  But it’s a bit murky. See if you can figure out their agenda. Are they “doing good” for the PR advantage or because it’s central to their business model?
  • To build a list of prospects that fit your criteria, start by Googling “CSR” and check out the Cause Marketing Forum.

Over the years of trying to find clients who share her values, Sarah noticed something unexpected: It’s not as clear or concrete as she initially imagined. “What really feels good is working with a client who shares your values, even if the work they do is not what excites you. Some of my favorite clients have been people who work at organizations that don’t have the most inspiring missions. And some of the organizations with the most inspiring missions aren’t the best clients to work with.”

Listen to the rest of our podcast here and come be inspired by her example at CFC 2013, June 22-24 in San Francisco (early bird deadline is March 15).

Find Sarah Durham at www.bigducknyc.com, poke around and see their values online.