What do your ideal clients say?

You may know the demographics of  your “ideal client,” but can you  spot them by the language they  use?

I was talking to a designer this week about her ideal clients and she rattled off the demographics of that group: number of employees, annual revenue, etc.

But as I listened, I thought, that’s not the “ideal client” — that’s the “typical client.” There’s gotta be something that separates typical clients from ideal clients — the ones you can help the best.

What if the “something” that distinguishes them is expressed in the language they use?

Think about all of your best clients. Isn’t there a key sentence or phrase almost all of them have used? A specific angle on their need they have all expressed?

Because if you know this, then when you hear it, you will recognize this person as your “ideal client” and pursue them accordingly.

Every day, people say to me “I need help with my marketing” or “I don’t know who to  market to.” But my ideal clients consistently say, “I really need to get serious about my marketing.” So that’s the key phrase I’m looking for.

What key phrase are you looking for? If you can figure it out and then find people who will express it to you, you’re golden. (Could it really be that easy?)

Try this worksheet to figure it out.