What does this photography buyer like? And what disappoints?

What if you could get inside the head of a photography buyer for an award-winning magazine?

In the ADBASE Insight Buyer Interview series – you can.

In this interview, Juliette Wolf-Robin speaks with Amy Feitelberg, Photo Editor of Outside Magazine, known for its award-winning coverage of sports, people, places, adventures, environmental issues, health and fitness, gear and apparel, and trends and events that define the active lifestyle.

Find out how Amy Feitelberg answers these questions:

• Does working for other publications help a photographer get hired?
• Does location matter?
• What do you look for in lifestyle photographs and portraits?
• Why is “energy” so important?
• How do you typically find photographers?
• What disappoints you in a portfolio?
• And more…

Listen here (24 minutes) or read the transcript: http://www.adbase.com/Podcasts/AmyFeitelbergInterview