What I mean when I say “Choose A Market”

I realized the other day, while doing a free mentoring session with one of this year's CFC attendees, that when I advise someone to "choose a market" to focus on, I'm not explaining clearly enough what I mean by that.

I will be elaborating on this in great, great detail, later tonight on the CFC webcast, Finding and Reaching the Right Prospects — (and if you can't make it tonight or are reading this after the fact, it's not too late; you can still watch it on demand) — but in a nutshell, what I mean is this:

Choosing a market takes some time (sometimes years) but here's how you begin.
Make a list of 10-20 possible markets you could focus on. Then analyze which ones are the lowest hanging fruit for you. This is important because we want to have some success at the beginning, to build confidence and get some momentum.

Whittle your list down to 2-3 markets to begin exploring.

"Exploring" is the operative word here. Through this process of exploration (talking to people, calling, emailing, networking, etc), you will reach the actual people in these markets and get a sense of whether it's a viable market for you. (In other words, do they need your services?) If so, keep going. If not, choose another to "explore."

Make sense?