What makes a good tweet?

I loved a recent post on Neil Renicker’s blog, where he wrote about which tweets he likes best.

These are the characteristics of his favorites. They…

…are personal and real.

…if they link to an article / blog post, are helpful and thought-provoking of themselves (in other words, I could just read the tweet without clicking on the article – and gain something from it).

…aren’t too frequent or too sparse – just a balanced and reasonable stream of updates.

…are helpful, constructive, interesting

…add value – not just more noise and clutter

Which tweets do you like, or dislike, for that matter?

2 thoughts on “What makes a good tweet?

  1. di

    When I open my Twitter and see the same ID image all the way down the page, I immediately disconnect with that person. I really dislike too many posts at once because inevitably they say nothing of importance. This goes for business pages on Facebook as well.

    I do, however, like to hear from my favorite connections on a regular basis. I like to read a daily little newsiness – not a sales pitch – but something interesting to the industry or a little tidbit of what’s new with this particular business. You know, like Neil says above, something personal and real.

  2. krysten

    One of my pet peeves when it comes to Twitter is people who only post quotes. I refuse to follow anyone whose entire Twitter stream is comprised of motivational quotes that have nothing to do with their field! Repeating someone else’s thoughts provides no value and no new perspectives to your followers, essentially defeating the whole purpose of social media.