What’s the most effective marketing tool?

Ilise BenunEarlier in the week, I highlighted the “most important element of your marketing plan” from the Start NOW: Your 2011 Marketing Plan webcast…and today I have for you:

The most effective marketing tool, which seemed to freak out a few of the 491 people on the webcast (there were lots of questions about it). Here’s what I said:

“Networking, real, live, real-time, in person networking works the best of all marketing tools!”

Yes, the tool almost everyone is trying their best to avoid. That is the one that will get you the best work the quickest — as long as you’re looking in the right place. It’s the tool I recommended the other day to a client who isn’t sure he can keep the doors open much longer but isn’t yet ready to close them either.

“Go out and meet people,” I exhorted. “Get in front of them and make an impact with your personal presence. Talk to them, find out what they need, see if you can help, sooner rather than later.”

If you’re doing this and it’s working, please share your experiences here so people know.

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