What’s the most important element of your marketing plan?

Ilise BenunIf you missed the webinar I gave, Start NOW: Your Marketing Plan, I’ll be highlighting some of the top level ideas all week. Here’s the first.

Your list of prospects is, hands down, the most important element in your marketing plan. And yet so many creative professionals spend disproportionate amounts of time on the “what” of it all: what to say, what to send, what to wear….

It’s not that the “what” isn’t important, it’s just that if you don’t have the right list — that is, a list of qualified clients, ready and willing to buy what you have to sell at your price — then it’s, frankly, a wasted effort. I spoke to a designer last week who put much time into a mailing but waited til the last minute to decide who to send it to. It should have been the other way around.

So start with the first question: who are you reaching out to? Who do you want to work with? And don’t go any further until you have a good answer to that question.

Opinions? Objections?

BTW: Download the 2011 Marketing Mentor eCalendar to give some structure to your plan. It syncs with iCal and you can customize it to fit your life!