Which LinkedIn Apps to Use?

A client told me yesterday that they see my tweets all over LinkedIn.

I really don’t tweet that much (you can follow me @MMToolbox) but that’s one of the mysteries of social media: it makes you seem to be all over the place. (Should we call that the “impression of ubiquity?”)

Here’s how I’m set up: I’ve got the Facebook fan page for Marketing Mentor linked up to my Twitter account (@MMToolbox), which feeds into my LinkedIn Profile (you have to view the “full profile.” Feel free to link with me). That way, I only post once and the rest happens magically!

LinkedIn offers many features through their apps directory. I’ll be reviewing in detail the apps I think are most important for creative professionals in my annual pep talk/webcast this Thursday, Jan 12 at 3 PM Eastern. If you haven’t already, sign up here.

Which apps are you using and how?