Your Embarrassing Web Site…

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planAre you embarrassed about your web site? Is it stale? Is the content old? Your samples out of date? And worst of all, do you hope nobody goes there?

That was the case last year for web designer and CFC attendee, Jill Anderson — which is especially embarrassing for a web designer!

That’s when she decided it was time to make some changes. She committed to working with me to improve her business. Now, after a year of twice-monthly calls, she has refined her positioning, revamped her web site and her time management is under control.

Oh, and, she also increased her income by 17%. PLUS she’s getting work she wants because her web site reflects what she’s looking for!

How did she do it? If you’ll be at CFC 2013 in SF (June 22-24, early bird deadline is March 15) you can meet Jill in person and she will tell you all about what she did. In the meantime, you can read this case study.

For today’s post, I’ll outline what we did to revamp her web site:

  1. We chose a target market, clarified her positioning and revised the homepage text to speak to the exact types of clients she wants.
  2. We reorganized her client list to reflect her strengths in the areas she was looking to increase her business.
  3. We created packaged pricing and posted that on her web site for all to see!

What? Pricing on her web site? Isn’t she afraid of scaring away prospects?

“No,” says Jill, her voice full of confidence (you can hear it on the podcast). “It weeds out the tire-kickers. Finally after so many years I have come to understand my value. There are people out there who will pay what I’m worth. For those who aren’t interested, there are other places they can go. We’ll work together if it’s a good fit for both of us. But it’s nice to know I don’t necessarily need their business.”

“Now, when I send people to my site, I don’t feel bad that it’s not representing me.”

I asked if there is a connection between revamping the web site and her growing self confidence. “Putting out there what I charge helped me develop the self confidence to be able to say here’s what it costs.”

Listen to this podcast to hear for yourself the confidence in her attitude and in her clear answers.

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