Your LinkedIn Summary

Ilise BenunEvery day business people use as one big database of resources, searching for the information and help they need. (Thanks to LinkedIn, I got an excellent speaking gig recently.)

One of the most important elements on your LinkedIn profile is the “Summary” so make sure it speaks to your target market(s).

Here are a couple of profiles I think are exceptional and worth using as models:

Emily Lux, of NJ-based EHL Creative, copywriter for pet and confectionary industries:

Natalia Botero-Nevin, of Chicago-based, Botero Design (and CFC veteran), specializing in the retail industry:

What both of these profile summaries have in common is that they speak directly to the prospects these creatives are trying to attract — using “you” much more than “I” and instead of the typical resume style, “here’s what we do…bla, bla, bla.”

What do you think of these? And do you have any tips on how you’re using LinkedIn, whether the summary or any other aspect?