Your Marketing is Mature If …

In the September 2011 issue of HOW, the article “From Start to Smart” guides firm owners through the different stages their studio should evolve to as it matures.

If you can answer “yes” to all four questions below, you’ve reached the third stage in the article: Maturity (See Sept. issue of specific tips for your marketing strategy at this stage.)

  1. You’re doing lots of thought leadership that is valued by prospective clients. This is measured by the number of names on your e-mail distribution list and/or Twitter followers.
  2. You’re attracting prospects more than you’re seeking them. You can shed the outbound salesperson and can invest that effort and money into a thought leadership-development person.
  3. You’re speaking, writing and traveling. You’re speaking not to your peers but to gatherings of prospects, and not just locally. You’re writing for national publications that are read by your prospects. You’ve done so much thought leadership outside your local marketplace that you have significant clients you travel to meet with.
  4. You’ve gained the confidence to build the business and develop a robust thought-leadership platform.

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