In-Demand Design Jobs and Hiring Trends for Creative Professionals

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From web designers to social media specialists, creative professionals looking for new challenges have plenty of options. Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of advertising and marketing executives surveyed by The Creative Group stated they plan to fill vacant positions or add new ones in the second half of 2016. Many agencies and firms are also planning to take on more freelancers and creative consultants to augment their teams.

Read on for more creative hiring trends, as well as a list of design jobs in demand.

Who’s Hiring

Thirteen percent of creative executives surveyed expect to expand their teams during the remainder of the year, up 2 percent from six months ago. Six in 10 (59 percent) respondents said they would focus on filling vacated positions. A quarter anticipate freezing their hiring process and only 3 percent reported eliminating positions.

Jobs in demand also include opportunities for creative freelancers and consultants. Twenty percent of advertising executives and 10 percent of marketing executives said they’d be increasing hiring of these interim professionals in the next six months.

Recruiting Challenges 

Overall, 34 percent of executives said it is somewhat challenging to find and hire creative professionals for their company; another 7 percent said it’s very challenging. Hiring managers at small advertising agencies (20-49 employees) and large advertising agencies (100 or more employees) are experiencing the most difficulty finding the creative talent they seek.

Hot Design Jobs & In-Demand Creative Gigs

When advertising and marketing executives were asked in which areas they expect to do the most hiring over the next six months, there was a wide range of responses.

Here’s a list of specialties that creative executives are looking to fill:

Not surprisingly, many of the jobs in demand have a digital component given companies’ increased investment in online initiatives.


Keys to landing a creative job

Candidates with SEO-optimized resumes and compelling digital portfolios have the best chances of standing out from the competition. Creative professionals who possess strong customer service skills are also sought. And even though print ads and traditional copywriting will not go out of style any time soon, you can boost your marketability by acquiring digital and mobile skills.

No matter what your area of specialty, many current hiring trends are working in your favor if you’re a creative professional. With careful research and interview prep––you’re well on your way to landing a fulfilling creative position.


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    Well, I can see visible decline in the total number of recruitment in the web design industry and the culprit could be the website builders. Websites Builders are making it easier for people to design and develop their websites. It is a kind of disruption.