Band Together with Other Freelancers

Freelance Tip 2: Banding With Others

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Word of mouth can be particularly effective if it comes from another freelancer who just happens to be working on a project that requires design talent. These situations rarely develop through luck.

Many independent professionals, such as Dallas copywriter and advertising consultant J.A. Lohmann, find strength in numbers. "Partnering with professionals who have complementary skills enables me to offer my clients additional services," Lohmann says. "It also provides me access to new and primed target markets and gives me people to concept with."

Specialized staffing firms are another valuable ally, helping to connect you with projects tailored to your expertise. Along with eliminating the paperwork associated with billing clients, staffing agencies provide the benefit of promoting your services to brand-new audiences.

"Working with a specialized staffing firm has really helped me fill the gap," says San Francisco-based freelance designer Jenn David, who supplements the projects found through her personal network with those provided by a staffing agency.

When selecting a staffing service, choose one that focuses on placing professionals in your industry, and be sure to provide the organization the tools necessary to promote you: a bound and electronic copy of your book, a list of references and a link to your website.

More information is better than less when working with a staffing agency. Let them know the types of projects you’re interested in and the workplace environments you prefer. Keep in regular communication with your staffing contact, and always alert your rep when a project is about to end so he or she can start lining up new client

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