Hot Creative Jobs for the Second Half of 2017

Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash

Creative executives have revealed their hiring plans through the end of the year. While the amount of planned staff expansion for creative jobs doesn’t appear to be huge, there are plenty of opportunities for talented job seekers in several areas of expertise.

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In a recent survey of more than 400 advertising and marketing executives by The Creative Group, 64% said they’ll fill any vacated positions, and 9% plan to add new roles. Only 4% of respondents anticipate reducing the size of their teams.

Here Are the Hot Creative Jobs for the Rest of 2017?

Agencies, design firms and creative departments seek professionals who can handle advertising accounts, develop interfaces for a mobile environment or gather information about consumers’ preferences. Those who can expertly manage public relations or social media are also sought after by employers. Here’s a list of the top 10 areas executives said they are hiring for:

  • Account services (24%)
  • Mobile design/development (21%)
  • Marketing research (21%)
  • Public relations (20%)
  • Social media (19%)
  • Customer experience (18%)
  • Web design/production (18%)
  • Digital marketing (18%)
  • Print design/production (18%)
  • Brand/product management (17%)

With companies increasing their investment in online initiatives, it’s not surprising that many are eager to fill tech-centric creative jobs. And even with the proliferation of digital campaigns, the research suggests that print design and production jobs are still in demand.

Recruiting isn’t easy

Among the executives surveyed, 45% feel it’s challenging to find skilled creative professionals for their companies. The toughest jobs to fill, they said, are in media services and customer experience.

To identify the workers they need, executives said they’re widening their search geographically. 45% of respondents said they are now more willing to look outside their local area to find the right person for the job than they were three years ago.

Staffing for the seasons

Hiring tends to be somewhat cyclical in the design field. For the rest of the summer, employers may bring in more freelancers, contractors and temporary staff to cover for vacationing employees. In fall, companies often seek additional support for year-end activities, such as annual reports, holiday advertising campaigns and an uptick in catalog and direct-mail production. And for employers whose fiscal year ends on December 31, there’s a rush to wrap up projects and spend any remaining advertising budget before the new year begins.

Whether you’re a print or digital designer, companies are looking for skilled creative professionals who have a knock-out portfolio, combination of hard and soft skills, and at least a few years of experience. So if you’ve been thinking of entering the job market or pursuing a new position, now is an excellent time to make the leap.