Design Interview Questions, Resume Skills & Portfolio Tips

You’ve got a promising graphic design interview; now it’s your time to shine. Whether you’re just getting started or have been in the industry for awhile, find out what hiring managers are looking for in an interviewee, get a feel for the type of questions they may ask, and be aware of what type of qualifications and design skills you could add to your repertoire. HOW partners with experts, like The Creative Group, for leading advice to help guide design careers.


5 Tips for Acing a Panel Interview

A normal job interview is stressful enough. Now imagine pitching yourself to several art directors, marketing managers and graphic designers in a panel interview setting. Nervous? According to a survey by The Creative Group, a majority of executives (86 percent) said one-on-one interviews are the most effective. But panel interviews ranked second – ahead...


Land Your Next Job: Know Your Interviewer

Learn how to land your next job by understanding the perspective of your interviewer. Armed with these six profiles of typical hiring managers, you’ll ace your next interview. User experience has become a red-hot design topic and for a good reason: You have to understand what makes people tick in order to develop seamless...