Design Job Search Tips

Stay up to date on the latest tips and trends when searching for design jobs. After you bring together your creative best in your graphic design resume and portfolio, it’s time to dig into the job searching tips. HOW aims to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. In this case — ace the interview and get the design job.


6 Tips to Perfect Your Portfolio

All style and no substance is the No. 1 critique voiced by executives about creative portfolios, according to a a survey by The Creative Group. Find out how to build and present a a portfolio that demonstrates value to potential employers.


5 Things to Consider Before You Quit

Are you thinking about quitting your design job? Before you say "so long" and head out the door in a heated moment, consider these points before making a decision you may later regret. Or, decide if maybe you are ready for greener grass.

Smooth Old-School Moves

Pulling a few “old school” moves could help you distinguish yourself in the workplace or during a job hunt. Check out these time-honored tactics to help improve your career prospects in the short- and long-term.

Show Employers You Deserve The Job

Hiring managers are pickier than ever, holding out for only those creatives who can improve the quality of their already high-performing teams. So, what can you do to stand out and prove to employers you deserve a spot on their team?

Smart Hiring Tactic

Design-firm principal turned business coach Peleg Top writes about smart hiring practices for design firms. One of his more unconventional recommendations is requiring job candidates to fill out a detailed application form—by hand—and to return it to you by mail or fax. Download a sample application.